SOMANCO - the Solutions Management Company

SOMANCO is in the sustainability business. We provide a range of consulting services and software solutions aimed at improving enterprise performance and profitability, and ensuring sustainability for our customers.

In the area of performance and profitability improvement, we work with customers to ensure they -

In the area of sustainability, we work with customers to ensure they -

Company Background

SOMANCO is a consortium of experienced personnel with many years of leadership experience in business, and in consulting. Our consultants have both academic credentials and business management experience. Many have served at the executive level in small, mid-sized and large corporations, and in family owned businesses, prior to joining the consulting ranks.

Our business consulting work has been focused on helping our customers in all areas of business, including Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing, Production, Quality, Maintenance, Warehousing and Distribution, Transportation and Shipping, and Finance and Risk Management.

In the systems consulting area, we have delivered solutions and services to our customers for Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Maintenance Management (CMMS), Quality Management (QMS), Advanced Planning and Optimization (APS), and Business Intelligence (BI / EMI).

Our customer base includes companies involved in Discrete and Process Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Health Care, Transportation and Distribution, Computer Software, Financial Services, and Government.